Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2013 Review: Transformation

Being the huge fan of Bibhu Mohapatra that I am, I was practically giddy when I got an invite to the SS13 show.
For spring the designer was fascinated by the Luna Moth and the idea of evolution, rebirth and transformation. The clothes beautifully portrayed these concepts, and each piece looked as if it was fresh from a cocoon, ready to display it's beautiful colors and complex craftsmanship to the world. The models coming down the runway looked like they were from a super high-fashion sequel to Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life movies (you have no idea how happy I am that I get to reference a Disney movie in a show review). The structure of the jackets and shoulders were greatly reminiscent of insect's hard exoskeleton. The collection also constantly featured a geometric print that resembled a cross between ornate snowflakes and butterfly wings.
Aside from all the buggy business, the collection also had some downright breathtaking ball gowns in various shades of pink and blush that were just dying to have a red carpet moment.  I really appreciated the use of so many different fabrics in each dress. It took the idea of 'color blocking' to whole new level. The best dress, in my opinion, was a bright green dress with just enough elements of soft and hard; the fabric seemed to move in every direction, and the layers of material were simply stunning. It was a showstopper, and it completely took my breath away.

Fabric mixing, gleaming appliques, sheer elements, vibrant bright blue and greens and icy powder blues and pinks were prominent in the collection. Two of my favorite looks were decorated with strips of sheer black and red fabric that was placed in a crisscross all over the dress. The effect was stunning and really delicate, almost too pretty to touch. 


Tian said...

Amazing! My favourites are the blue dress and the black and white gown.

Anonymous said...

no eye makeup made the models look severe...