Nonoo By Misha Nonoo Spring 2013 Presentation

This middle look is my favorite from the collection. The colors blend so perfectly. (and who doesn't love a good mint blazer?)

I loved the Nonoo presentation. Misha Nonoo is definitely one to watch! Her collection was perfectly on trend, featuring incredibly fun and quirky prints (that still managed to be very sane and wearable). Patterns ranged from cheeky flamingos on a full-length dress to petite stars on a blazer. Although the collection screamed ladylike, it was kept young and casual with cobalt blue drawstring pants, T-shirts, and short-but-not-tacky hem lengths.
She also did a few dresses with flouncy hemlines which were definitely a collection highlight (also, I'm biased, because I completely fell in love with them).

I also really loved her use of lace. A lot of designers this did season did lace here, there, and everywhere. But Misha's use of lace was very sophisticated, tasteful, and classic. 

For an extra shot of sportiness, the entire collection was styled with chunky white shoes (even the long ball-gown style skirts!). It was such a fun, unexpected detail! 

I loved the sheer paneling on these looks. It's a nice update to a classic idea. I'd wear the white dress on the far right in a second!

 I was a big fan of the hair and makeup. The orangey lips were perfect, and I'm really considering attempting the Frida Kahlo-inspired hair with fabric woven into the braids.

This was the first time I was able to see a collection from Misha, and I was thoroughly impressed by the expert craftsmanship and accessibility of the clothes. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does in the future! You can check out past collections on the Nonoo website.

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