Review: Noon By Noor Spring 2013

"Ah, I love a good Kell Cutrone sighting." I thought as I settled into my seat at the Noon By Noor show, however, my thought was quickly interrupted by throngs of photographers dashing past me to grab a shot of Nicky Hilton and Olivia Palermo.  

I really enjoyed the collection, with its watermelon, green, beige, golds, metallic coppers, bright pink, orange, nudes, and green tones all living together in harmony. The color and texture combinations within the collection were exciting: super glamorous ball gowns had neon appliques, and a pink blazer had neon pink feathers adorning the shoulders. Despite these fresh pops of color, many of the looks remained very classic and sophisticated. My favorite pieces were their marvelous wide-leg pants that came an an array of prints and colors, a sleek neutral jumpsuit, and their many simple orange dresses with expert draping.

My favorite print was the blown-up florals that were seen on the first look and on a few shorts and jumpsuits- having such a large print made the idea of floral seem more art-y than cutesy.
The cuts in the collection were very feminine and flowy-but-fitted, rather than being baggy. Safari-style shirts, gowns, and even suits shared a relaxed, chill vibe. T-shirts and tank tops were styled with full-length skirts with high slits. The effect was very day-meets-night.

If you're wondering about the name, Noon by Noor comes from the Arabic letter for 'N', which is pronounced as 'noon', and Noor is the middle name of the line's Bahraini founder, Shaikha Noon Al Khalifa.

photos from zimbio.com

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