Fashion Week Outfit, Feat. Qi Cashmere and Craft & Culture

With February's New York Fashion Week just around the corner, I thought I would show you my favorite outfit from last fashion week. I was lucky enough to work with two amazing brands to pull the outfit together (Qi Cashmere and Craft & Culture), and the result was one really excited me. Check it out!

The sweater from Qi Cashmere is beautiful. The material is lightweight but very warm, and the knit and fit are perfect. It's great for dressing up or hanging out in a pair of jeans in, and it's something I'll be able to wear for many seasons to come.

The amazing necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece by designer Meghann Sommer. I saw it online and I wanted it instantly. What it didn't expect was that it would weigh a ton (it has a leather strap that goes around your neck instead of a chain), but getting to wear something so special was worth it!  I love statement pieces, and the ones Meghann makes are incredible. I really hope to buy some of her pieces one day.

The lip color I used is really cool product from OCC Cosmetics called Lip Tar. I love it because it can be applied as light or as heavy as you want, and it wears for a long time. The product comes in the tiniest little tube, but it lasts for months because very light application is encouraged. The rusty red color I used is called Starling

Craft & Culture also let me borrow this beautifully simple necklace from designer Fail to wear. It's such a sweet little piece! It's so comfortable that you forget you're wearing it. 

And, of course, bloopers. 

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