Mathieu Mirano Spring 2013

Mathieu Mirano has been one of my favorite up-and-coming designers ever since I saw his fall 2012 collection (I wrote about it here). He started his line in 2011, and this year, he presented at New York Fashion Week at the age of just 21. I’m a huge supporter of young talent, and I’ve loved 2watching Mirano’s work develop over the past year. Despite his young age, he has an incredible eye for shape, detail, and innovative fabrics.

For his spring 2013 collection, Mirano had dinosaurs on the brain.  He described his inspiration as the story of a scientist who slowly morphs into the creature she’s studying.  His first few looks are pure, all-white (like a scientist’s attire) pants, jackets, blouses, shorts, and skirts. The materials are magnificent, and you can practically feel the textures just by looking at the photos.

Suddenly, a grey dress with a fossil print appears- and BAM! - the collection is all bright and bold from here on out. The designer has no fear of color, and practically every color in the rainbow is represented in the collection. 

His ball gowns are incredible: some are skin-tight; some have intense micro-pleating; a few feature fossil prints and serious embroidery; and one especially striking dress even had gleaming emerald beetle wings attached to it. Talk about exotic! The clothes are structured but undeniably feminine, and I’d stray from my love of black to wear the bold pants in a heartbeat.

All photos from mathieumirano.com