Introducing The 3Doodler: Word's First 3D Printing Pen

My hands started shaking as I started watching the intro video for the 3Doodler- the word's first 3D printing pen. I've practically been praying for an affordable 3D printing alternative! I think this is a fantastic concept, and it will only get better with time and future upgrades. It's an awesome resource for crafters, kids, artists, and basically everyone to create something in mere moments. But aside from its 'fun factor',  I really think that the 3Doodler concept can be a real game changer in the ever-growing 3D printing industry (don't you just love it when technology changes the world? #MySmarterCommerce). As I've mentioned before, I desperately want to be an industrial designer, and I think the 3Doodler will become a huge help when it comes to making prototypes; it will help designers to visualize their concept almost instantly- even faster than traditional 3D printing. Now, the quality of these 3Doodler creations is definitely nowhere near today's 3D printing technologies, but it gives us something that traditional 3D printing doesn't: instant gratification and the ability to go free-hand. I don't plan on buying the first version of the 3Doodler because I feel like more powerful, refined versions will come out within the next year or so, but that definitely doesn't mean that I'm not dying to get my hands on one. I'll just have to stick to paper creations and CAD projects until that day comes.

You can back/purchase the 3Doodler via its Kickstarter campaign. Within less than 24 hours, it's already gained $259,000 in funding (it's original goal was just $30,000)! 

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