"A Play Of White" Tim Walker And Caroline Trentini For Vogue Italia March 2006

Photos via here, there, and everywhere. 

Good glory, it's been a while. Sorry for the blogging and Tumblr hiatus (and sparse tweeting). Spring break happened, and I neglected all my social media accounts in the name of fun. But fear not! I should be back to regular blogging starting in 3... 2... 1... NOW.

I'm a complete and total sucker for a good Tim Walker editorial (and let's just be honest- all his work is fantastic.) Finding this wonderful editorial from 2006 put a smile on my face and a flutter in my heart. Sometimes, I come home from fashion week thinking that the industry is all just a big circus. But finding editorials like the ones that Tim shoots reminds me that fashion can be utterly magical. 

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Lucie Srbová said...

Wow, those pics are simply gorgeous!! love them so much!

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