Kohls Fall Haul! #Kohls101

The totally awesome people at Kohl's sent me a bunch of back to school goodies to check out, and I've had a total blast using the products over the past few weeks now that I'm back at BYU. I have a few more projects happening with Kohl's over the next few weeks so stay tuned! (*hint hint*, giveaway, *hint hint*)

First off, they sent me this absolutely amazing Simple By Design bath wrap. This is one of those concepts that I wish I'd thought of myself because it's so simple yet so totally perfect to use. I honestly love it, and I've been using it on a daily basis. The band is velcro and adjustable too just for extra goodness. It's awesome for college dorm life, and for everyone who hates accidental indecent exposure. So, hopefully, that covers everyone. (It also literally covers everyone. See what I did there?) And you should buy it. Unfortunately it's not sold online right now, but you can check out Simple By Design's other products here

Next up, they sent this super cute beanie. I'm not much of a beanie girl, but I absolutely love the print. It's a really fun piece. Although out of stock online, here's my next-best-thing recommendation

Okay, so at first glance the layers on this Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's shirt are a bit confusing, but once I tried it on I grew to love them. They add so much interest to the shirt, and they're really flattering on the body. It's a great piece! Get yours here

I absolutely LOVE the packaging for theBalm's Read My Lips lip gloss. Normally I'm not a lip gloss girl, but I've totally slipped this on several times over the last couple weeks. The color, Snap, appears really neutral, which I really love. Also, the packaging. I just love the packaging. The end. 

The color isn't bold at all, but it just adds a really nice extra boost of tint. I'm a fan. Get yours here!

Next up, I totally love the little arrows on this Mudd cuff. It's such a fun statement piece, and my sisters have stolen it from me a few times since it's arrived. It's such a fun piece to go with a cocktail dress! Although out of stock online, get the next best thing here

And last but most definitely not least, I received these amazing lounge pants in a super fun print from Joe B. These have become a staple for me, and I love slipping them on as soon as I get home from a long day on campus. They're super comfortable, and I love the crazy print. Get yours here!

Thanks Kohl's! Stay tuned for more collaborations and surprises. 


SHE Jenmarie said...

I'm at Kohl's a lot and I've never seen their bath wraps! What a cute design! You got some great things :)

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Charles said...

So Pretty
I really like the outfit!!!


Mary Obrien said...

Such a wonderful outfit.

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