Just a quick round up of some of my fav things...
I just may shrivel up and die if I don't have this Rebecca Taylor scarf. FALL NEEDS TO COME ASAP! *sigh* the dress is fantastic too.

I LOVE that belt! ADAM <3 the whole outfit is great.

I decided I want my prom dress to look allot like this Alice + Olivia one...

Lovely Belt, Lovely dress...

Giambattista Valli

Jac makes funny faces...

Dear Miss Hilton,
Must you constantly make my eyes hurt with your ensembles? Sure Ungaro did hearts for spring,
but it doesn't mean you should  to wear them! Too much miss hilton, too much. Please stop trying so hard. Less is more.
Outside Dior

BURBERRY!!! Fashion show was yesterday! It was pretty amazing. Allot of the people watching were from Tokyo and The Phillipines and they stayed up until midnight to watch..

I took some pics of the show while I was watching, but I thought I would spare you all from my wonderful *cough* photography skills.

I totally fell in love with this coat!

Just a quick quote from Kate...
“John [Galliano] would stand on the runway and tell you a story about who you were. He’d say, ‘You’re a princess and you’ve just escaped from the castle and you’re running away from the wolves,’ and the wolves would be howling on the soundtrack, and he’d send you out, and he’d cry, ‘Run, Kate, Run!’” –Kate Moss when Grazia asked for her favorite fashion moment.

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