This morning when I hopped on the computer to check my emails and such I found 
My dad left it for me to watch. I have never been into sports. I played lacrosse as the only girl on the team when I was 9 ( I sucked). Later I did gymnastics for 4 years, only made it to level 3, and it resulted in a broken elbow and 2 surgeries ( yeah,that wasn't my calling either). Swimming and Ballet weren't my thing, so I always stuck with Fashion. I was never a tomboy. My dad, however, was the opposite. He always had dreams of being a pro baseball player as a little boy. The night of the 'miracle on ice' he wanted to watch, but his parents sent him to bed. He did watch the USA play Finland the next day. When I was younger, Miracle was my fav movie. I could name the players by memory, and my favs were  O'Callahan, McClanahan, Eruzione,, Johnson and Craig  ( and I totally had a huge crush on the actor that played McClanahan). Every time I would watch the movie, my dad would always cry at the winning moment. I didn't realize it, but yesterday was the 30tth anniversary.
I had never watched the full actual game. When my dad always cried, I never understood why. I always just though "wow. some people take hockey way to seriously". Well, this morning I watched the game, and I cried this time. It's not about the hockey. The win was a triumph for all of america. It was joyful.
If you haven't seen Miracle yet, I recommend you watch it ASAP. A great movie.
I think I'll put down Vogue for a few days and watch a game that changed the world.

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