So I know it's been a really long time. I have tried to put several things but for some reason it didn't work. oops. Anyways, back to FASHION! I love this whole orangey thing this spring, and I started thinking, do I even own any orange at all? here's what I came up with...

Orange makeup brushes

Orange eyeshadow from Clair's.
A button. Just a button..

The Vogue Sewing Book. My grandpa has been an artist all his life and did many photo shoots and illustrations for Butterick back-in-the-day. He also did some for this book, and he gave me a copy. It actually mentions him in the credits. 

Orange yarn
My absolute favorite bag in the entire WORLD!

Orange shirt from The Limited.

Coco Rocha snd Lily Cole.
 An Orange hat I LOVE that I bought from a street vendor near central park for $20.

A Pashmina I bought from a different vendor in Time Square for $5.I have had this scince I was 12 and I still love it

Anonio Berardi Spring 2010

Runway photos from nymag.com

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