All the world's a runway

It's a very gray day in NY today. 
I actually really love gray Sundays
You tend to stay home and do absolutely nothing at all, which is rather lovely after a busy week.
On gray days I tend to...

Strike a random pose

Look at pretty pictures

I put lime juice in my water because water can be boring
I become very bored.
(If only I was bored while wearing Chanel and Miu Miu!)

I throw on a J.Crew sweater and I read about the history of fashion magazines or the history of Prada or the history of Chanel or "The invention of Wellies" or something to that effect. 
Here it was a book about Richard Avedon's work.

I learn that in America you spell it GRAY and in England they spell it GREY. Who knew?

What do you do on grey days?


Emm said...

on gray days, i spell the word gray RIGHT. (grey!)

| Tex | Fashion Butter said...

For some reason, I started spelling it "grey" even though I am from the US. It looks prettier to me. : )