Latest Obsession

Excuse me miss, where did you get that fantastic trench coat? Ummm yeah, I need it. Thanks.
Pic via the Sartorealiest. I love scott shumans work, he has such an amazing eye for things most people would overlook.

Does ANYONE know where I can get an orange trench? Does anyone have one? My I please borrow it? Thanks. :)
Speaking of trench coats, I found a Burberry one in my old closet last week. It must have been in there for 10 years.  I kind of just stood in shock for a couple seconds. Then I screamed "MOM"...
Then I talked to my mom and she said someone gave it to her years ago, but it was a mans coat. Then my dad came in and tried it on and it fit like a glove. I think I would wear a Burberry coat if it fit me. Even if it were a man's coat. Let's just say, my dad now looks very, very dapper.


Clare said...

That is one yummy trench coat, I'd trawl through vintage shops if I were you!



Vanilla said...

Gorgeous colour trench :)

Love vanilla

StacieBlair said...

That's a fabulous coat!

I bought an amazing trench last summer from Old Navy, and it is actually very nice!!

I would check out second hand stores/vintage shops!