Happy 101 Award

Big thanks goes to Adventures In Fashion for giving me the Happy 101 award! Thanks girlie.
Okay, the rules that go with this honor are that the recipient must name 10 things that make them happy before passing the award on to 10 other fantstasic bloggers. So, that being said, here we go...

  1. hot toast
  2. best Friends
  3. Inside jokes 
  4. compliments
  5. my puppy--------------------------->
  6. smoothies
  7. live fashion shows totally make my day
  8. Nice strangers who say hello
  9. Robert Pattinson's face
  10. wearing gray ( I swear half my wardrobe is gray)
I'm giving this award to...


{ aggie } said...

My first award! Awesome!

Do I have to pass it on to 10 other bloggers as well?

Thanks again!

PS: You missed the letter 'm' in 'Schmaggie' :P

{ aggie } said...

Ahh so I do!

Lady Peach said...

Oh my goodness.....thank you!!!!!! It's my first award! You've made my day :)
Lady Peach