Snow Day

The view from my front door

I completely ruined those jeans sledding last weekend.
I envy all of you at the equator.
On the upside, 3 snow days last week!
Snow can be so pretty the first day or so, and you love it and never want it to go. Then people start walking in it and it turns to slush and it's FREEZING!!!!! Why is it so cold? WHY???
It's far too cold.

It's good thing I stocked up  on reading material... okay, lots of reading material. It took me FOREVR to get through "In Vogue". It had 400+ pages. Eh. Who Cares. I could read about Vogue all day. 
Dior In Vogue was stunning. I didn't care for Influence too much, I only read the interviewees of the designers or models I liked. I dropped the Anna Wintour book fast because I realized it was an unauthorized bio. If I'm going to study Anna Wintour (she's one of my all time heros), then I'll wait for a Authorized Bio.

Okay, so it's like 20 degrees. Cute coat, or ugly warm coat? I can't decide. What would you wear?
Have you read any of those books? 

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Emm said...

warm ugly coat. what? do i have a date or something i have to dress up for?