Okay, when I am married I shall move back to NYC and have a beautiful blonde child (we'll see how that works out because no one in my family is blonde). I will live out my dream as a successful Fashion Buyer for Bergdorf Goodman. I shall have a dog like this one (this dog looks allot like my dog, but I think she'll be REALLY old by the time I'm married, she's already 4). I shall name that dog either Kugel (like the food you eat at Passover) or Ruffles ( my dog's name is Lacy, so it would be Lacy and Ruffles. Now I need to get a dog names Buttons...). We will have a lovely apartment on Lexington Ave.
I will dress my child, whose name will be either Juliet, Holland, Willow, Audery or Charlotte ( now to chose just one name!), in beautiful clothing. I will purchase a bright dress and perfect heels and then I will walk across the street and Tommy Ton will snap my photo.
Oh yeah, my husband will be male model Adrian Bosch------->
Making me Justine Bosch. Sounds famous already, right?

I can dream can't I?


Anni said...

hey there! i just nominated you for an award on my blog :o)
just go and check it out!


Fashion By He said...

cute picture!! cool blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think