The post where I fall in love with a french boy I don't even know.

Oh just kill me now. This boy is just to perfect. I'm seriously in love.
omgosh. The hair, the scarf, the coat, the cuff on the jeans, THAT FACE... hey, wanna get married?
did I mention he's french?
well, he is.
I love him.
I mean, he's very chic, I'm pretty chic.
He's wearing a TIE and a SWEATER. None of my guy friends do that.
He photographs well.
I don't.
I think we could be a nice couple.
Have a lovely weekend lovelies.


Poppy Coburn said...

Haha I love this post! I feel exactly the same way about some random guys you see in photographs!

If only we could make our dream man appear before our eyes. Some guy's fashion is just tragic.. but this, this is pure chicness!

Davidikus said...

I love your post! It's a fascinating insight of the female psyche. I am not in love with him (!) but the guy has got great style & looks good. He also exudes some sort of calm confidence which is very nice.


Annie Rupert said...

oh he is so dreamy

Dorothy said...

i love french boys hahahaha and english boys who have nice style omggggggggggg

Eva said...

Hahahahaha I totally get what you mean. This post is adorable! A guy who looks like Jude Law came into our restaurant a week ago in a casual suit. I was enamoured! I would have proposed if had a Brit accent and played guitar. Lol.

Chloe said...

um, wow.

ANNA SMALL said...

i am showing these to my boyfriend. i always have to be on the lookout for style inspiration for him too!