When I'm "cleaning my room".

I was "cleaning my room" and I ended up with a cloud-themed  mood board. If you don't know what a mood board is, here's a good example.
... And here's mine. ( sorry, I think my camera lens was a bit dirty)

I had fun making it. I don't know why I was thinking of clouds so much. That pouf-skirted Erin Featherson dress really inspired me, and it all just took off from there. It has ribbons, magazine cut outs, notes, quotes, book pages and a tall straw hat. Sounds perfect, no? The Balenciaga pice is from an Agatha Christine book, and the notes are my notes that I wrote in my copy of The Teen Vogue Handbook.


Marijn said...

What a beautiful mood board. I love it!

Poppy Coburn said...

Love the colour scheme you've used. I love making mod boards. My sketchbook is full of them! Tres chic!

MarchMusings said...

I was mulling over making a moodboard too. Still wondering if a notice board will do. Great colours.

Anonymous said...

Love moodboards :) I plan to create at least one when I return to Sydney!!