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Beautiful  picture, no?  I'm loving their shoes!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! If you saw the previous post, you'll know that I finally got to see Wicked! It totally blew me away with it's absolute awesomeness.  I have known all the songs for years and it was beautiul to see them played out in front of me. I cried at during For Good. What a powerful number. The second it was over the first thought through my head was "when can I see this again!".  It was one of the most wonderful things I ever had the privilege to watch.

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Jen said...

I'm SO HAPPY you enjoyed it! I have never viewed The Wizard of Oz the same way since I've seen it.

bmach said...

I saw Wicked two years ago in London and loved it!

Ayanna Michelle said...

those leapord shoes are heaven and so is her bag! j'adore!


Emma :) said...

beautiful picture..!
but the right woman is so thin!