My Lovely (very) Little Conversation With Kylie Minogue

So every year my family wakes up at 2 am and camps out at the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. I love going and it's tons of fun. For each person in my family, there's a moment that makes their day. For my sister Rebecca, it was one of the members of Big Time Rush pointing RIGHT AT HER (or so she thinks... she could be right... she was screaming pretty loud.) For mom, I think it was seeing Alton Brown, and so on.

I saw Kylie Mingoue a block away and said "You've got to be kidding me. She's wearing Chanel. Not fair." and I told my mom and my sister. By some wonderful accident, she stopped right in front of us and my sister Olivia screamed "We love your outfit!!!" and luckily Kylie heard us. She struck a pose that highlighted the outfit perfectly, she yelled "It's Chanel"  and I yelled back "I knoooowww!"  and that's when it happened.  Kylie Minoque and I bonded for a brief moment over the wonder of Chanel.  She laughed, I laughed and then... the float moved on. 

I love that she's wearing a head wrap! I really need one. My peacoat doesn't have a hood on it, and I was freezinggggg so I put a scarf over my head like a babushka.
I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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Poppy Coburn said...

I share a birthday with Miss Minouge! She's one beautiful woman, I'd love to get lost in her wardrobe! Glad you had a lovely time cherub, and I need one of those headwraps/turbans too! x

Bella said...

new york is just...magical. stuff like this just happens. it's just...magical. glad this happened to you, though...you got to see kylie AND you got to see her in Chanel! plus, best photo ever.

Stefany said...

that's so awesome! I love the macy's thanksgiving day parade. I did not go this year though. =/

Maryjane said...

Very cool experience you lucky girl!

Maryjane xoxo

My Heart Blogged said...

Wow that is so cool. It's funny how fashion can bond us together.
My Heart Blogged

Anonymous said...

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