Being A Wallflower Never Looked So Good

I fell in love with this editorial over the weekend! The stunning silhouette of the dresses works so beautifully with the bold prints! Love it! Wallpaper never looked so good.

Images via dustjacketattick 


Jenmarie said...

I'm in love with it! Which magazine is this editorial from?

BlueVanilla said...

So stunning! Love the last photo!

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Tiffany said...

Love this, it's like she's part of the wall but something beautiful! Good find.

Claire M. said...

I love the outfits :)

Claire M.

Soleil St. Fleur said...

Super love this post. The people behind the shoot, from designer to photographer, did an awesome job. xx from Soleil


Justine Guy said...

@JenMarie It's from the May issue of How To Spend It Magazine.

@BlueVanilla I love it too! I love the ruffles on the bottom of the dress especially.

@Tiffany, Claire- Isn't it just wonderful? It's so original.

@Solil- I 100% agree with you!

Thanks so much for commenting!

Coco Velvet said...

with that wall i can't see the dress i.i