Ladylike Plaid

When I hear 'plaid,' two things come to mind: lumberjack shirts and scottish kilts. It is for that reason that I try to avoid wearing plaid at all costs. I really like that this girl took the lumberjack aspect out of plaid and made it more ladylike. I love the smaller checks and the bow!

Images via Vanessa Jackman


The Hearabouts said...

I agree, this plaid look is very classy.

The Hearabouts.

Genevieve said...

lovely photos! I find it interesting that you associate plaid with scottish kilts when I think of kilts I think of the bagpipes because my friends all think I should learn to play them. All the bagpipe players are men so I could be the first girl. I've just gone on a tangent about bagpipes when your post is about plaid? Anyways great blog and great post. xx G

Shelly said...

Beautiful pictures! It's so interesting how different people have different associations with different words.. When I hear plaid I think of grunge and Kurt Cobain! :D Lovely blog.


Rosie said...

such beautiful photographs. i love how plaid + a bow = instantly ladylike! :D
Rosie xo

karin said...

Beautiful pictures!! I really like this look is a mix of two different styles!! Please visit my blog www.stylepicture.blogspot.com I hope you like it!!

Lobeni Lesley. said...

Pretty images.

I have always had an inclination for plaids. =|