Bold. Beautiful. Blazers.

It's no secret that there are few things I enjoy more then well-constructed gorgeously cut blazers. Latey, I've been straying from my regular black and beige blazers and noticing all the fun color being injected blazers now. I like that it's a classic piece that now has a fun fresh new hue. I'm feeling inspired. Orange blazer shopping, anyone?

Via Garance Dore, tumblr, style and the city, state of sunday


Freya said...

nice looks!!!! i think i'm going to buy a new blazer for summer


Michelle Lee said...

i so want orange one now
but almost in every color
from blue, green, pink to white :)


Justine Guy said...

@Freya-I have the same plans. haha.

@Michelle Lee- Same here! I need to get some more color into my wardrobe and blazers seem like the perfect way to do it.

Thanks for the comments, Loves!