Behold, The Beauty That Is The Shoes of Miu Miu

I fell head over heels in love with the Miu Miu F/W 2011 collection. It was just perfect to me. I loved the proportions, prints, colors, everything. But my favorite part? The shoes. Hands down. I was watching the live stream of the Miu Miu show, and the second I saw the shoes, it was love at first sight. They remind me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz's shoes, only they got a makeover in some fantastic Vogue fashion closet. Thank you, Miu Miu. You've made me fall in love with sparkles again, and you've given me yet another item to put on my 'if money was no object' wish list.

images via fashionista.com, elle, refinary29, style.com


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

they look quite quirky to me, but in a good way :)
new on my wish list!



Hanna said...

omg these are soo amazing! love them!\

MG said...

I got a pair of their glitter silettos in 2007 and they are amazing. Love love love these pieces!

Jenmarie said...

The shape of the heel is so interesting! Loving the sparkles!

Justine Guy said...

@Rose and Carlotta- I've been following your blog! Gorgeous work. I like the quirky factor they have too! If only they could be mine!

@Hanna-My thoughts exactly!

@MG-I think even if you don't typically like sparkles, it's important to own at least one thing with some sparkles! This collection made me love sparkles again.

@Jenmarie- The shape was one of the first things I realized, too!

Thanks for the comments, Lovelies!