Brief Update + Road Trip Pics

Sorry I have been so absent, we've been on the road for the longest time. I'm in Indianna right now! It is, in a word, humid. I thought New York was bad, but it doesn't at all compare to how humid it is here. It's crazy. I'll never complain about NY humidity ever again.  
Over the last week, I and my friends have driven through Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. I spent the last week in gorgeous, hot Utah. Mainly in Provo. It was a fantastic experience. I got to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir preform live, and I got to see Temple Square and the Church History Museum. Really, really, cool stuff. Also, I turned 16! Ahhh! 
My favorite state by far was Kansas. My friends thought I was crazy, but I loved it because of the plains and farms and open spaces. I don't think I have ever seen the horizon quite like that before. I found it really stunning. 

Goodbye house!

The clouds on the plane just blew me away!

On my second day in Indianna we went to Dillard's and I was happy to find some gorgeous Ilana Wolf pieces. (Remember Ilana Wolf? I posted about meeting her here)

We ran over to Build-a-Bear to make my friend a birthday present. Who knew teddy bears were so expensive...
(My wallet is from PaperWallet, It's the greatest wallet I have ever owned. It takes up next to no room and it has enough space for my ID, Bills, and essentials. I love it so!)

Ozzy glasses, anyone? I wore these all week long!

Oh hey Arch.

And here, my friends, is my beloved Kansas. I miss it already.


Hopefully I'll have more pics to come!


MG said...

I went to college at the University of Missouri, which you drove right by...anyway, every summer and fall I'd drive through Kansas with my dad and I would make him take pictures of me frolicking in one of the fields illegally.

Stephanee said...

Girl you could've used our house (just west of Chicago) as a hotel. Maybe next time.

Justine Guy said...

@MG- Very fun story! haha.
@ Stephanee- That would have been great! hopefully I'll be back in the area soon :)

Thanks for commenting!
<3 Justine