This Christian Siriano dress really takes me breath away. It's as if the dress was underwater and the pieces of fabric were floating every which way.

image from Instyle UK, March 2011, via dustjackett attic.


BlueVanilla said...

Agree! Beautiful piece of art!

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Justine Guy said...

@Blue Vanilla, Art is the perfect word for it :) Thanks for commenting!
Love, Justine

Caroline said...

Shit, is that Christian Siriano as in the guy from Project Runway? I liked his creations in the show and think he deserved to win, but this dress is over the top. Such a beaut!

noura. said...

this is gorgeous

songbird said...

this is gorgeous!!!


Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Oh WOW that is so beautiful!

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Justine Guy said...

@Caroline, Noura, Songbird, Tikki Vintage- I completely agree! It really one of my favorite dresses of the reason. Thanks so much for commenting!

Love, Justine

Anonymous said...

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