Oh, Alexander Wang. The Things You Do To Me...

These Alexander Wang boots are incredible! Incredible, I tell you! They just seem like the perfect shoe to me. Oh, shoes, please be mine?


emmarose said...

oh my, these are beautiful, but in a typically Alexander Wang understated way. i want them!! X


Madeleine said...

so so so so so good. these would go with everything. love love love.

Madeleine xx


Chelsea said...

Amazing! The cutout detail on the heels give such an interesting quirk to them- love it!


Justine Guy said...

@Emmarose- I know exactly what you mean! Alexander Wang's 'beautiful' is kinda like an Ipad. Cutting edge yet breathtaking :)
@Madeleine- oh, I hear ya, sister. I would wear them everyday if they were mine!
@Chels, The heel is the part that really makes me love it, and I'm glad you pointed it out :)

Thanks so much for commenting!
Love, Justine