Visit to Qi Cashmere, Part 1

A rainbow of sweaters by Qi!
You know how there are just some brands that you adore, and you stalk their website often and dream of one day having a jacket or accessories from that brand? For some people, it's Chanel. For others, that brand is Gucci or Balmain. For me, it's Qi Cashmere. I'm a huge lover of cashmere and wool in general (if you missed my outfit post for We Love Wool, see it here). I really love Qi Cashmere, because of their gorgeous designs and quality clothes. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was invited to visit their offices and see the Spring 2012 collection myself during Fashion Week! So without further delay, here is what I liked best at Qi.

They have the prettiest clothing label I have ever seen.

I wanted to kidnap this skirt and wear it right away. The color, pleats, length, it's just so now.

There's nothing wrong with a hole or two, especially when it's arty and in an unexpected place.

I loved the shine in the knit! (Which is also featured in the previous photo.)

I couldn't get over just how much I loved this sweater! While I liked it in photos, I loved it in person. Something about the two colors knitted together was really gorgeous to me.

More duel-colored loveliness. *sigh*

If you're like me, it can be hard to find chic hoodies that look great and don't have "AMERICAN EAGLE" splattered across the chest. So I really appreciated the concept of this simple white knit hoodie. I really need one of these in my life.

I love the sleeve on this!

These stripes were so lovely, and I liked that they change in width throughout the shirt.

I have been in love with slits ever since Alexander Wang and Celine started doing them not too long ago, and I liked the fact that some of the sweaters had them! Holes, slits...this whole collection makes me want to cut up everything I own.

Mmmmmm. Cashmere.

Patches make me happy.

 Two of the intricate knits featured in the collection...

 Thanks so much to Qi for letting me come in and check out the collection, and thanks to the lovely Kosi for being so helpful! In part two, I'll show you Ainsley, another line by Qi that I posted about here a while back . Which piece of the collection is your favorite? Have a Lovely weekend, Lovelies!


✿Cathie✿ said...

I'm a huge fan of Qi cashmere as well -- it's so nice to see close-ups of these soft garments.

Lovely post!

Qi New York said...

Thanks for stopping by--glad you loved the clothes!


Anonymous said...

WOW! up to date "F"ashion with a capital "F" 4 sure!

White + Warren said...

Loves the soft cashmere clothes, nice fashion items. Thanks for sharing, awesome.