Visiting Oscar de le Renta- The Spring 2012 Collection Part 1

Recently, I was given the absolute privilege to visit the Oscar de le Renta offices and check out the Spring 2012 collection!
I was thrilled and so honored that they would even let me come in at all, and they were so ridiculously nice that I quickly stopped freaking out and just remembered why I came in the first place-the clothes. The collection is downright stunning, but then again, when is a collection of Oscar de la Renta not stunning?
Within a few minutes, I found out that not only would I get to meet the much-loved OscarPRGirl, but that SHE would be the one showing me around the office. (Crazy, right?) Erika, (OscarPRGirl) is positively lovely. Not only is she stunning in looks, but she's fantastic to talk to, and she asked me tons of questions about me and my life and what I do. I love her! We chatted about blogging, social media, camera's, the clothes, Oscar, etc. She's fantastic. I was sitting in the OdlR lobby, twiddling my thumbs, trying to sit up straight, and trying my best to not be intimidated by all the fantastically well dressed individuals around me. The office was humming, but in a very orderly way. It's obviously a place where work gets done. In the main recenption area, you hear the sound track of the Spring 2012 runway show playing (Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd!) and a video of the runway show plays on repeat. Erika walked out in a gray long sleeved shirt, burnt orange high-waisted-and-wide-legged pants and said "Justine?" 
We went right into the showroom, and I was able to begin photographing the collection instantly. She apologized that I wouldn't be able to meet Oscar himself, saying that he had to leave just before I had gotten there. Something about not wanting to late to picking up Barbara Walters for a dinner...
  Here, Lovelies, are my favorite details the Oscar de le Renata Spring 2012 collection!

I spy @OscarPRGirl!

I love the intricacy of this material.
Sequins and feathers in a beautiful black, white, and purple confetti. What could be more lovely?
 I decided while I was there that this dress in white would be my wedding dress.
These are details from a dress that wasn't shown on the runway. It's a real shame too. It's such a pretty dress.
"We call this color chartreuse. We just love it."- Erika
This look is such a showstopper.

An equally stunning look.
It was really neat to see this dress because I had only blogged about it the week before. Then five days later I was seeing it in person. Life is funny...
This is a new fabric that Oscar is using for the first time. It's really fascinating. It looks wet but it feels like silk and it's super shiny.
Frida Gustavsson wore this one!

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!


Анна said...

wonderful dress!

Maelle said...

Amazing !! I absolutely LOVE all your pics, especially the details ! <3



Meera said...

What an incredible opportunity! These pictures are fabulous.


Leah said...

omg so jealous beyond belief!!! the looks were simply stunning!!


Justine Guy said...

Oscar's work is beyond stunning! I'm so glad to hear that you love the images! I'm in the process is getting a better camera, so hopefully there will eb more pics like these to come in the future.
Thanks so much for commenting!!!
x Justine