Visiting Oscar de le Renta- The Spring 2012 Collection Part 2

If you missed part one, see it here!
"I love these... all of these..." I said talking about some of the lace pieces. "Oh, they're lovely." Said of of the stylish ladies working in Oscar's PR department. I really think "lovely" is the perfect word to describe anything Oscar de la Renta. Ladylike, sophisticated, chic, and never dated. It's easy to see why it's one of my all-time favorite brands. (It's probably why it's one of yours too.)

How stunning is this embroidery?

These are just a few of many simple cotton dresses that just stole my heart. The prints were just too good to be true.

Did I mention that this one has pockets? That makes it 1000 times better.

 The amount of detail on a mere sleeve is incredible.
Ombre de la Renta. I like it.
I'm in love with this fabric!

Every time one of the ladies at Oscar looked at a dress or told me about a piece, they got so excited about it. It was like the first time they were seeing it. They had so much enthusiasm and passion about the clothes and it's not hard to see that they love the line and they love what they do. 

So... prettiest coat ever?

To my great sadness,  I had seen the whole collection, and it was time to say goodbye. The front had already closed and I was led out the back. "Come on," I was told. "We'll take you out the same way we take Sarah Jessica..." 
Huge thanks again to OscarPRGirl and to my good friend Ashley for letting me borrow her fantastic camera.
See part 1 of my visit HERE. Stay tuned for the third and final part tomorrow!

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