Six Things I liked at Aisnley Spring 2012

The inspiration behind Aisnley spring 2012- Palm Springs! It really makes you wish it was summer again, doesn't it?

1. The Kristen Shirt
This shirt was my favorite in the collection! I'm obsessed with the smokey tones, asymmetrical hemline and brown/grey combination. Want want want...

2. The Reese jacket
I love this so much it hurts. It can be worn down (as seen in the second picture) or the ends can be buttoned up for a cool twisted look. I can see myself wearing this all the time.

3. Butterflies!
This print is so fun and original! What better way to celebrate spring than with colorful print?

4. Elbow Patches
I am a huge lover of elbow patches (have posted about them here), so I was especially smitten by this awesome jacket/blazer. I mean, come on now. Elbow patches, asymmetrical hemline, easy to wear, and duel-toned. I'm in love.

5. Tweed + Fabulous Fur
I saw this coat and I instantly said " Can I try this on?" But being a blogger, not a model, there is always the same problems. First, the jacket is a size two. Secondly, I am not a size two. But I went for it anyway.
Ah, the trouble with having curves. But it doesn't matter. The coat is beautiful anyway. I never got to show you this look from fashion week! Skirt is Vintage, blouse is JC Penny (Ah, wearing JC Penny to fashion week. Welcome to my world.) and the metal cuff is Forever21. Coat is Ainsley.

This is another great Ainsley coat.

I loved checking out this collection. Vibrant, bold, exotic, and full of life. Makes me excited for the spring season! Thanks Ainsley! Check Aisnley out on the web here.
Have a fantastic weekend, Lovelies!
Photos by me, photo of Reece jacket from Aisnley PR


honeybeeandmeonline.net said...

Hey, you rock that look...
In the 80's I was wearing vintage cloths in Kansas and every one thought I was a nut...


Justine Guy said...

Honeybee- hahaha. Thanks. Vintage is so hot right now, I think I wear a little something vintage each day! and you weren't a nut, you were a visionary. :) Thanks for commenting!