Before Dior.

I love seeing shots of the collection prior to the runway show! I find it so fascinating to see how a collection comes together.  It's amazing that just the night before the show, 40 of the looks at Dior were still not completed, yet, within 24 hours, everything is finished and ready to present to the public. I was pleasantly surprised and how much I liked the couture at Dior this season, because I really didn't like the fall collection much (and I know a lot of other people felt the same way.) Without Galliano, the order and coherence of the collection was gone. However, the Dior team presented a stunning collection for spring. But to be quite honest, if you give me a collection filled with full skirts, incredible shapes and ruffles and I'm automatically sold!  It was a total flashback to the original creations of Mr.Dior so many years ago. The classic Dior silhouette was there, but the gowns were totally modern and wearable (well, as wearable as couture can be.) J'adore Dior!

Photos via here, and T Magazine (I love T magazine's fashion week coverage each season. The pictures are amazing!)

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honeybeeandmeonline.net said...

FYI, my daughters photo's from pre-school are with her wearing a Dior jumpsuit from Paris... I must say when I see those photo's I was like a fish out of water, I did not live in the city but in a small farming community outside of New York, my friends must have thought I was insane... SO, what my kids looked like they stepped out of a Europe of tomorrow... and the red skirt or dress is amazing...