Ann Yee Fall 2012 Review

The Ann Yee fall 2012 presentation during fashion week was everything a good presentation should be; helpful PR girls quickly let you in, it starts more or less on time, the vibe is one that is relaxed and pleasant, the designer is mingling, the atmosphere is bright, the space is busy- but not overcrowded, and the clothes are extraordinary. It was a really nice break from the usually loud, stressful, over-crowded shows and presentations that usually take place during fashion week. Also, they served sweet pastel rock candies. I can't not like a brand who gives a tired 16 year-old rock candy.

Ann excitedly told me that the collection was inspired by caves and the contrasting textures that you would find there (i.e. water cascading down walls, sharp jagged rocks, etc.). The collection really reflected that, and was a great mix of soft shapes and hard edges, which are a specialty of Ann's. Crisply cut pieces that should have been stiff and heavy were re-invented in unexpected way with light chiffons, flowing  fabrics, chunky knits. More edgy pieces were paired with beautiful, light, feminine (yet sculptural) dresses. It was a perfect combination! The shapes presented were also interesting; the collection had everything from over-sized knits to girly crop tops. (Crop tops were quite popular on the spring runways as well. I think I've bought 3 crop tops so far this season! I love them.) 

Check out the awesome over-sized and double collars! I also love the different asymmetrical hems. 

The hair is rather Janelle Monáe-esque, no?

The entire collection was styled with beautiful statement jewelry by Linhardt and each look was paired with Doc Martens. I really loved that they did that! It saved each look from being too soft and gave it a bit of an edge. 

You can check out Ann Yee on the web here, and be sure to follow her on twitter and facebook!


Ewa Prokopczuk said...

I am sold! I love the cascading draping, the color combinations, and the lengths.

Beautiful. Thanks for introducing this designer to me.

:) Ewa


Buzz said...

Love it!