Raf Simons To Dior!

image via style.com

I JUST found out via twitter that Raf Simons has been tapped as Dior's new designer. This should be incredibly interesting. I have no doubt that Mr.Simons can do well at Dior, but it just seems like such a clash of aesthetics! I think of Dior as a very luxurious, over-the-top, super feminine house. Raf, to me, is very cool, super minimal and to-the-point with his designs. I perfectly understood Marc Jacobs for Dior because Marc's designs are so fun and whimsical- he would have done wonderfully. But talks fell through between Dior and Jacobs last year. Alber Ebaz, as well, would have been just grand there. But Alber rejected Dior's offer. I was heartbroken when it was announced that Raf would be leaving Jil Sander, but I wasn't expecting this marriage. However, perhaps this would be a reinvention for Dior. It might be nice to get some fresh blood in the house and Raf's slightly more minimalistic vibe might be just what the house needs. We'll find out come July, won't we? I still don't 100% understand this match up, but I am happily ready to be proven wrong. 

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