Just One More Prom...

So geeky. But I love it. 

I went to prom with my friend Jack last weekend! It was so fun! This was the first time (um, in my life?) that I attempted to wear a floor-length gown. It was an incredible dress. Goodness gracious. But it was from Rent-The-Runway, so it had to be sent back promptly, which broke my heart. I LOVED this dress, you guys. It's a David Meister, and it felt like a dream. I had these shoes that were perfect for the dress, but when the dress actually arrived I saw that it was much longer than I originally planned. So I had to wear 5-inch wedges! But I lasted pretty long in them. I credit that to fashion week and running in heels. haha

Dress: David Meister via Rent The Runway
Bracelet: Forever21
Headband: Claire's
Clutch: Jessica McClintock
Shoes: DSW

The idea of wearing a headband never occurred to me until the day before prom when I was at the mall! I just saw this one at Claire's and I just knew it was for me! 

Jack is an AMAZING drummer (check him out!), and his whole family loves music. So, getting some shots with some of their guitars was necessary (and hilarious). 

Jack told me while we were in the car driving to the meetup house that none of his friends bothered to get dates. I thought he was kidding. He wasn't. So, that was interesting. haha. They were awesome guys, though. 
We had so much fun!


Eva said...

You look absolutely radiant in the photos. I also like the idea of renting a dress for prom - many girls buy one and only wear it to the prom.

Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

You look so lovely! xx

Jess Longo said...

you looked beautiful!

Justine Guy said...

Aw, thank you everyone! You're so nice! <3
Eva, Rent The Runway is one of the best ideas ever. My dress would have cost me somewhere around $600 to buy, and I got it for roughly $100. They even sent two sizes! They are amazing.