Meet Padrick!

Do you remember this post? I wrote it because I was excited about using Onswipe's tablet publishing technology on the blog. Well, ever since that post went live,  several very, very amusing things have happened. Later that same day I got an email from Onswipe's CEO Jason- he was thrilled with the post and as a token of thanks he said that they would love to send me an iPad. That was when my brain said "WAIT, WHAT DID HE JUST SAY????" But there it was right in front of me "we'd love to send you a new iPad." I did this weird crying thing in my room and then I ran outside with tears streaming down my face. I did this bizarre scream of joy and then sort of collapsed onto the grass in my front yard. Then I found my mom and proceeded to fling my laptop in her face so she could read the email. Onswipe was serious!!!! This was actually happening! Well, fast forward a bit and Padrick has arrived at my house. He's positively amazing and I feel so, so blessed. He's made schoolwork, test prep, and blogging a dream and it's been wonderful having him in my life. It's like I'm able to touch the internet.  I'm honestly in love with him (you know you are a fashion blogger when you're boyfriend-less and in love with your iPad). I'm so, so, so grateful to the incredible people at Onswipe for their generosity and kindness. You guys have changed my life for the better and I can't thank you enough! 


Carrie said...

woah, that's so cool!!! congrats. this shows that hard work really does pay off. good job and enjoy padrick :D

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Sarah Justine said...

Thank you so much :)