Look And Learn

I love this school themed ed. It seemed appropriate considering that school is right around the corner. I can't believe I'm going to be a senior this year. It just baffles me. Where did the time go? It didn't really hit me until last week when I had to say goodbye to dear friends as they left for college. I'm so happy for them and what they will achieve and learn, but holy cow, I miss them already! Actually, college and school are the reasons that I have been posting so rarely these past few weeks. I've been doing math, french, and music theory all summer in order to get higher scores on my ACT and earn some extra credits. I have really missed blogging, but I'm really happy with improving scores and my french literacy. Hopefully I'll be able to pace myself and not neglect blogging in the upcoming school year! Thank you so much for continuing to read and subscribe during this time. I love and appreciate every comment and new reader more than you know. Happy Monday!

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