Street Style: Esther Quek

Esther's style is incredible. She blends masculine and feminine dressing concepts flawlessly. (i.e. a suit paired with heels, a floral blazer) She's quickly become one of my biggest style muses! Remind me to keep Esther's style in mind when I'm back to school shopping...


emmarose said...

she is incredible. i love how she can incorporate strong florals into such powerfully masculine outfits and still look feminine as hell. i think i have a new style inspiration.

emma rose

Hvit said...

Waaaah she looks amazing! Thank you for sharing! :D

Anthony Carmen said...

Such strong looks - and you're so right, she does flawlessly mix femininity in her menswear inspired garments!


jocox said...

I hadn't heard of her before, but this is instant style love at first sight!! Her makeup is great, too.

- Jordan