The Girl In The Check Scarf + Hudson Valley Magazine

Hey Lovelies!!!! I'm so sorry for the lack of updating! I had a fantastic NYFW experience that I can't wait to tell you about. With Fashion Week and school starting it's been difficult to find time to post, but now I'm getting back on track and you should be seeing a lot more regular posts. 

I'm really, really excited to announce my new collaboration with Hudson Valley Magazine
I've been writing NYFW coverage for them, and it's been a pleasure. They're such a wonderful group of people and they've been a dream to work with! 

You can see my posts every Thursday on their blog The Couture Report. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. 

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Lizzie said...

Congrats on your collab with the magazine! I've read your articles for them, and they're all great! Can't wait for more :)