W118 By Walter Baker Spring 2013

The music was so loud at the W118 By Walter Baker presentation that you could hear it from the other side of Lincon Center. I could already tell that this wouldn't be any regular presentation, and the music fanatic within me got really excited. Walking into the venue, you could see the first model dancing to the music while the rest of the Skullcandy-adorned models rapidly bobbed their heads in sync with the heavy beat. The music was a perfect match for the explosion of color on the models!
The collection itself was really incredible, especially the prints and fabric choices. It had a little bit of everything, but it was all so very on trend. Ikat print, florals that look like they're on acid, sherbet tones, yellows, crisp whites, color blocking, oranges, and mirrored prints that look like they were viewed through a kaleidoscope. The cut of the brighter clothes were for the most part very simple. It created a nice balance so that the print could speak for itself. The collection also featured some amazing ombre jackets- something I had never seen before. 

The second half of the collection featured much cleaner lines and ideas. Simple prints let the cut, material, and quality of the clothes stand out. Clean whites with plenty of mesh-like cut outs seemed very fresh when paired with light-wash denim. The cut-outs were on everything from skirts to sleeves to dresses, and I thought they added a nice element of architecture and design to the clothing. My favorite pieces were the blue ombre jacket and the white mesh jacket (not very practical, but very, very chic). 

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Lizzie said...

I love this trendy collection! The prints are fantastic, but I especially love the crisper silhouettes of the second part of the presentation. I hope you're having fun at fashion week!