Review: Tome Fall 2013

Photos via WWD

A few of my friends told me how amazing Tome's fall 2013 presentation was last night, so I decided to check it out - hot dang! I died when I saw the first look (the red dress pictured above) and I just kept falling in love with each look that followed it. This collection uses simple-but-precise cuts for a really dramatic, avant guarde effect. The beauty of the collection really lies in its choice of cut and fabric. The pieces are so well planned and minimalistic that they make a loud statement just by being minimal. Also, as an added bonus, they're very on-trend by using burgundy and grey. I've been seeing tons of that this week. Bravo, Tome. Bravo. This up-and-coming brand will definitely be on my radar in the future.

I'm currently writing you from Lincoln Center. The Monika Chiang presentation will start soon! I'm excited to get home before this blizzard hits hard.


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