Latest Obsession: The Slapstache

Like a sir.

Mustaches are classy. Bracelets are chic. Mustaches + bracelets? As you can imagine, the result is nothing short of awesome. Ladies and gents, I'm so excited to introduce you to the best thing since the internet. It's called a Slapstache, and it's pretty amazing. The snazzy people at Slapstache sent me a few of their 'staches to play with over the weekend, and I've been wearing them on my wrist ever since. They're super fun, and they've been a big hit with my friends.

They're really comfortable as well — I wore them out of the house a few times because I forgot that I was wearing them. They're an adorable gift for a friend, but they'll also make you really happy if you pick up a few for yourself. See, you can't buy happiness, but you CAN buy a Slapstache. They're more or less the same thing. Be sure to pick up A few for yourself and your friends at Stapstache's sale on Fab.com!


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