Birthday Design Haul! Paper Trail, House Industries, Cavallini Paper Co.

This week, my boyfriend and I spent a day exploring the beautiful town of Rhinebeck, and in the process we stumbled upon the cutest little design and stationery shop in the history of the universe, Paper Trail. I literally could have spent all day there. We stayed for at least an hour, and I used my upcoming birthday as an excuse to buy myself some fun gifts. Happy Birthday to me!

First off, I found this gorgeous book of typography postcards from House Industries. The set is a whopping 100 postcards for only $20. I just couldn't pass it up. It's something I know I'll use for a long time, and it's great incentive to write far-away friends. Also, the cards are stunning. Sometimes I'll just shuffle them and look at each one. I'm so glad I found this. You can purchase it from the House Industries website, or on Amazon.com.

Second, I found this beautiful poster of Brooklyn from Nu Vue Studio. When I'm at school in Utah, it's really easy to get wrapped up in the culture there. West coast is vastly different than east coast, and it's so easy conform to what everyone else out there is doing. So I really like to keep lots of NY imagery around so that I don't forget where I'm from and who I am. This poster is perfect for my fall apartment. Also, it was only $5 at Paper Trail. Just $5. And it's amazing quality. And I love it to pieces. You can purchase one here

Third, I found a darling little notebook perfect for ideas and sketching from Cavallini. I love keeping it in my bag and jotting down sketch ideas, and the cover is really beautiful. All the pages are girded, making it perfect for my industrial design concepts. It's really a great little notebook for a couple bucks. You can find your own here.

Lastly, I found another gem from House Industries - a couple hundred stickers and labels. The fonts are beautiful and fun, and the stickers are great for mailing letters and making all the things in your life looking a little more designy. I love using these. You can find them here

Overall, I've been really happy with everything I found at Paper Trail.  It's a really lovely place. Snoop around their website for more goodies. I'll most definitely be back in the future!


sexandthesixties said...

Thank you, Sarah! We're so glad you liked Paper Trail and hope you'll be back again soon. Next time please introduce yourself so we can give you a hug.
Serine & Maureen
The Owners of Paper Trail
Rhinebeck NY

Camille Lamb said...

Love Paper Trail and Happy Birthday Girl! Didn't know you were back home already!

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