A Winter Sonata

First off the title is fantastic. Second, I love how it shows the side of winter snow that you see when you walk outside early in the morning after a snowy night, instead of the regular high-action bright-fashion snow pictorials. It's really quite refreshing.

pics via fashion gone rogue


Brittany said...

These photos are breathtaking, if only I could look that mystical in snow--I'm usually shivering!

mode. said...

beautiful. white is absolutely the color for winter 11.

Olivia @frenglish_style said...

Stunning!!! It looks so peaceful and quiet... The model looks like she just came out from a fairy tale with her long blond hair!!!


Chelsea Lane said...

wow these are gorrggeeouuussss, this shows my favorite aspect of winter <3 photos like these make me wish I were a model!


Jen said...

These are so beautiful! I wish I liked being in the snow as much as I like looking at it.

Alysia Pollock said...

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Dagmar said...

Amanda Nørgaard looks so stunning in this editorial!! She's one of my favorite model right now :)