Vika, Style Inspiration

Vika is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. She dresses for herself and wears what she likes to wear. To me, she's like a quieter, less glam, low-profile Anna Dello Russo. Yes, Anna is fearless, but Anna dresses in a way that brings so much attention to herself. Vika is totally fearless in dress, and she pulls looks off in a way no one else can. She's just so dang chic, but not in a way that is vain. More like in a 'I did not just throw this on. I thought about this look and I'm happy in my own skin."
I need to be more like Vika.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. The thing with Vika is that... She's Vika. And she's powerful not in the overpowering, Anna Wintour/ Dello-Russo way but her personality. She's Brilliant.


Kay said...

How she is sitting and how she shows feeling makes the picture look more alive.


Cherry Monster Fashion said...

i agree, i wonder how she came into her style. I'm actually working on trying to find my personal style, but she is inspirational.