Visit to Ilana Wolf!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stop by the Ilanna Wolf showroom on Wednesday! I thought I would just get a chance to see the fall 2011 collection, but I was also able to meet Illana. I was a great day! Illana was so nice and answered all my never-ending questions. I really got to learn a lot.  
Here are some of the really gorgeous wraps and shawls I got to check out. I love that they're so classic! (I'm no photographer, so I apologize for the photo quality!)

The one on the left really reminded me of a Valentino ruffled dress. It would match so well with one!

Who doesn't love pom poms?

This one was one of my favorites! I love that it's just covered in roses! 


My favorite evening bag in the collection. I love the feather details!

I really loved this corsage purse. I thought it might be loose and uncomfortable, but right after I tried it on it just felt fantastic and light weight. I think I'll get one of these for my prom instead of real flowers. It's adorable and it fits things like your phone, keys, etc.

This was one of my favorite things of the day. Ilana's teenage daughter thought of the idea! In the Winter, it's especially hard to wear big rings (the ring you see on my pinky is my grandmothers, and it's one that I wear 24/7) because rings don't fit comfortably under gloves.  These gloves are made specially to accommodate our love of big rings. I wish  could have taken them home with me!!!


Here's Ilana herself with one of the shawls from her Ilana line!

You can purchase Ilana Wolf at Saksfithavenue.com, BergdorfGoodman.com, and Niemanmarcus.com. You can purchase the Ilana line at Lordandtaylor.com, Camille La Vie, and Dillards.

Have a lovely weekend, Lovelies!


Freya said...

love the corsage purse!!!!! so my style


Genevieve said...

I LOVE THIS!!! You're so lucky to have gotten to meet her, and talk to her!! I'm jealous.

xxo Genevieve

Anonymous said...

I love the gloves and I don't even have big rings!

Justine Guy said...

@Freya- I know! I hope they go into production and I can get one. Perfect for prom!

@Genevieve- Your name. Is so. Pretty. I'm having name envy. She was so super nice! She answered every question I threw at her, and she helped me gain tons of insight. It was a great day.

@Anon- Same here!

Thanks for the comments, Lovelies!